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Yet another new member

Post by 43willys »

Hey everybody, I'm the proud owner of a Model 81 chambered in .30 rem that was handed down from my dad and originally owned by his dad. Based on the date code it was made in 1937 but not sure of the month as the stamp is barely legible. This rifle, along with many others sat in our foyer closet as long as I can remember growing up. With a mom that was not too fond of firearms, and a dad that wasn't a hunter, I'm guessing that the rifle hadn't been fired in at least 40 years. Upon Pop's passing a few years back, my brother and I split the rifles and shotguns. I was lucky enough to get first pick and went straight for the Model 81. I'm by no means an expert in firearms and am not an avid hunter but have enough sense to get an old rifle checked by a gunsmith before firing. After finding a source to purchase some rounds, I went up to the hills and lit it up. Immediately I knew I had something special that will no doubt be passed down to a 4th generation. Really glad I found this site. I'll have pictures up soon. P.S. Will .30 rem rounds eventually be impossible to get? I had a rough time finding a source for this ammo.

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Re: Yet another new member

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I think you're pretty darn lucky. .30 Remington is my favorite cartridge for the Remington Autoloading rifles. And I wish I owned a nice Model 81 in that caliber. On top of everything..., you have a family heirloom to cherish for the rest of your life and to pass down to other appreciative members of your family with all the stories that go along with the family firearms. .30 Remington ammo stopped being manufactured in 1997. I bought up all I could find and yes, it's getting scarcer. But it's still possible to find some out there. I like to haunt small town family owned lumbar yards and hardware stores. I've found some really good stuff there, including boxes of .30 Remington and .32 Remington (which, I understand, they stopped making in 1977. That's a long time to sit on the shelf.) Please do post pictures. We always seem to learn something new from pictures posted by the membership. I would invite you also to check out
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Re: Yet another new member

Post by 81police »

Sounds like you got something special there Willys, apart from being an heirloom sounds like it's a really early production 81. Welcome to the site!
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Re: Yet another new member

Post by kenhwind »

Being a part owner of a Remington Model 8 in .35 Remington, I was cruzing the net and found a link to this site. This is really cool IMO.
The rifle was my Dad's so technically it is mine and my brothers. Actually its mine he has Dad's Model 70 300 H & H.
I'm gonna post some pictures of our Model 8 shortly after I get used to the forum.


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