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Hello Everyone

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Hello My name is Gary and I'am from Missouri and just love very old guns . I regularly go to the range on weekends with my kids ,I normally shoot a 1869 Swiss Vetterli in 10.4x38mm ,a old 1860's sxs shotgun they are so much fun. But last weekend we went to our local gunshop and there it was a old Remington 8 in 35 rem. I had never seen one nor ever heard of one,so I bought it and a box of Hornaday 200 gr bullets.On Sunday I was enlightened on what I was missing ,she kicked like heck and got alot of atention from the local boys out there. Lots of comments like whats that thing, what country is that rifle from and so on. I hope to get to chat with you all soon cause I got some questions. y-all take care and God Bless

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Re: Hello Everyone

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Welcome to the forum. It sure sounds like you have some great old firearms. I love the old Swiss rifles. I have a K-31 that is a wonderful rifle. If the Remington Model 8/81 bug has bitten you, then there's no hope for ya! :D

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