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Texas by God
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Hello again

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I have returned after a few years absence. A couple of months ago I found a 1914 vintage model 8A in good condition at a local gun store and I brought it home. I have always wanted a model 8; I have owned two model 81s in .300 Savage in the past. This one is in .30 Remington and I have scored some unprimed W-W brass as well as some Graf&sons brass. An online friend sent me some converted 30-30 Win brass as well. My reloads shoot very well with both cast and jacketed bullets and I really like this gun. It’s very good to be back!
I will post some pics when I figure out how and I will have questions along the way. This is a great site.

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Re: Hello again

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Great to have you back! Look forward to seeing the new-to-you rifle!
Cam Woodall
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