New member-L.I.N.Y.

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New member-L.I.N.Y.

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Hello all,new member.I have 2 Model 8s The first one is a 35 Rem in excellent cond.I got in 94.SN 47361(1923) with an N in a circle above & like a 3 blade prop below.I can't find a reference to the RER on the right side of the jacket? The other I just scored at a gun show last week in fair condition.SN 4918 (1907) in .30Rem.-Just ordered cases from Graf's.

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Re: New member-L.I.N.Y.

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Welcome! Sounds you got a pair of fine "springpoles" :D

Regarding the markings...

"N in a circle above & like a 3 blade prop below" - these are inspector/fitter stamps and are normal
"REP" - is a Remington proof stamp
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