Interesting Model 14 on GB, But...

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Interesting Model 14 on GB, But...

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This one cought my eye, looks good and the starting price has my interest. But, I am a little put off by the drilled and taped holes right in top of the chamber area of the barrel. That and the rear sight looks like it may not be the correct one and is missing the elevator. What do you guys think? Holes over the chamber a concern? I could live with the sight as I have a replacement on hand but it makes a diffrence on what I would pay for the gun as the correct sight I have cost me $75 bucks on e-bay. ... =268575507
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Re: Interesting Model 14 on GB, But...

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I have not kept up with these in several months but last spring when I was following the actual sales it seemed to me they were going for 250-350 for a 30rem - not the most popular caliber for sure.

I can't answer to the holes in the barrel regarding safety etc. but I believe his starting price is a bit high for a hole-ly mess. :shock: But then maybe I've been out of the loop too long.
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