Youngest Grandson's First Deer

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Youngest Grandson's First Deer

Post by Wildgoose »

This deer season marked the end of one our families deer hunting "firsts". We hunt as a family every year and as the grandchildren have come of age and put in the time on the range and sat out in the stands for a year or two to watch and learn they have gone on their first hunt. This year my 11 year old grandson finally got to go for the first real hunt. Of all of the kids this poor guy had to wait while his sister and two brothers went on theirs and listen to all of the stories as the time went by. I think the night before the hunt he didn't sleep a wink. His mom said he was marking off the days starting back in June when school let out for the summer. Opening weekend he didn't get a good shot so he had to wait through the week until the next Friday when his dad let him take a day off school to go out with gramps. He finally got his chance right after sunup and put the shot right on the money. He was using his big sister's vintage Remington M722 in .300 Savage. One very happy boy and a right proud gramps.

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Re: Youngest Grandson's First Deer

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Heritage, that's what it's about.
Make good use of transferring our heritage, life is short.

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Re: Youngest Grandson's First Deer

Post by S and S HUNTCLUB »

That is a very nice first buck! Congratulations to your grandson. Its great to see the pictures & read stories like this one. Your grandson is very lucky to have a grandpa that shares quality time with him. The preparation for the hunt and the time you both shared together during this successful hunt, will forever be etched in your memories. Great job guys!

Its great to see families keeping the hunting tradition alive.

"Grandpa helps his grandson bag his first buck"! It does not get any better than that.

Congratulations again!

Enjoy Life, Bob @ S and S HUNTCLUB

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Re: Youngest Grandson's First Deer

Post by gwg35 »

Well that's great, it is late doe season here in Michigan, I will take my 81 in 35 rem and my grandson to the woods we may not see a deer, but we sure have fun !!! :D

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Re: Youngest Grandson's First Deer

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oh wow, way to go!
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Re: Youngest Grandson's First Deer

Post by Hester »

Congrats to your grandson, my 9 year old grandson killed 2 this year while sitting with Old Grandpa, one with crossbow and the other with my.223. I know you're proud tell him a big Congrats

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