South Dakota 2011

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South Dakota 2011

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Recently returned from a multi specie week long hunt. I tried to do a better job on the pics but again nothing real artsy. The first series of rock formations can't be appreciated unless you are there. I would like to know how these were formed because you travel for hrs and hrs of only seeing a typical rolling plains and BAM for only about 2 miles and on both sides of the road these cool formations show up. I have shot lots of phez and grouse in my life so we tried a couple different things this trip. I bought a 223 rifle as did my friend Joe the guy with the stogie. The plan was to hunt for coyotes morning and evenings and some prairie dog shooting mid day and fill the rest of the day bird hunting. The plan worked out pretty good with limits filled on pheasant. The sharptails take a bit more work and luck so we were short on a 2 man possession limit on them. I shot 2 coyotes as did Joe. I shot one believe it or not loping across a cut corn field at 273 yds ... we laser checked the distance. I have no idea how many PD's we shot but a fair amount. The following pics contain some somewhat graphic pics so viewer discretion is advised.

The first series show the rock formations.

A couple of Cate retrieving phez and Sharptail

About 125 head of Pronghorns

A couple dumb Mulie bucks.

A cut sunflower field in the middle of the prairie the grouse loved.

3 different groups of birds prior to cleaning.

A few of of the Coyotes.

And last but not least the coolest sculpture I have ever seen located on I-90 in SD. The sculpture depicts a cave man taking his T-Rex for a walk.


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Re: South Dakota 2011

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LIKE! Thanks for the pics too. :D
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Re: South Dakota 2011

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Fantastic pics!
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