replacement stocks

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replacement stocks

Post by Packmule »

Ok people are always looking for stocks for model 8's and 81's including myself. I just got off the phone with the best place and price I have found ever. For roughly around $350 or so you can get a Model 8 stock in Black walnut made and fitted to your rifle. Check them out very nice people and helpful.

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Re: replacement stocks

Post by oldschool »

Isn't there somebody here on this website that also does replacement stock?
I know I could use one.

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Re: replacement stocks

Post by 81police »

Bob Bruineger makes probably the best reproduction 8/81 stocks out there. What makes his so different is that he can do straight grip, semi-pistol grip, with cheeks, without cheeks, whatever the period of stock you need. You can contact him below,
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Re: replacement stocks

Post by Sarge756 »

Couldn`t agree more as to the quality of Bob`s stocks and the fit and finish. Ditto for the folks at Macon gunstocks.It is good to see them up and running full speed after the fire a few years back.Good folks and a wide selection of wood from plain to extra fancy. Another alternative for a replacement for straight grip Model 8`s is Silverhill gunstocks at
This is their model 8 stock set;
I have not ordered this set but have bought several from them for other rifles and shotguns. The wood is a straight grain without much figure but I found it dense and easy to work. Priced for those on a tighter budget.
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Re: replacement stocks

Post by DWalt »

I'll second the Silverhill recommendation, and Rob is easy to work with. He made me a very nice forestock for my 81B from a beautifully grained chunk of walnut for less than $75 including shipping. It was pretty well shaped and sanded as received, but I did have to drill out the recess for the takedown screw lever and also drill and recess the screw hole, all of which I did using my milling machine. I had to do a little inletting with my Dremel tool to make it fit properly on the barrel tube, but not much. I haven't begun to finish it yet. I may start on it next week, or maybe not. Will probably do fine sanding, seal it, and then use my normal Tung oil finish.

By the way, Rob's direct e-mail address is:

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