Vintage Autoloaders (Sister site)

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Vintage Autoloaders (Sister site)

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This is the "stop gap" site that a member started after the original Model 8/81 site went down for a time. It's a good site and encompasses a larger realm of vintage firearms.
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Re: Vintage Autoloaders (Sister site)

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It is an excellent website and I highly recommend it to any vintage rifle enthusiasts. Currently, there are over 100 members.

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Re: Vintage Autoloaders (Sister site)

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Hello from Manassas Virginia,Im a firearm engraver & gun collector. I have two model 8's & two model 81's 30,32,35,&300 Savage,looking for a 25cal. J.J.Roberts 8-) ment to put this on sister site,oh well.

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