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Dayton, Ohio PD - 1931

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2018 8:50 am
by 81police
This photo is a real treasure. I may have posted it years past but here it is again.

Thought to be from late 1931. A few members of the Dayton PD with quite an arsenal! Two Thompson SMG's, a Remington Model 11 shotgun, all flanked by two Model 8's. Apparently the Cadillac was customized with the intent to be a pursuit car after bank robbers. Mods said to include "bullet proof" glass, heavy front bumper, a radiator shield, and multiple gun racks on the interior. I believe John Dillinger was arrested a couple years later by the Dayton PD and who knows if these men, those guns, and that car were part of the arrest?! Cool history.