Remington catalog added to site!

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Remington catalog added to site!

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I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to Jerry (sighthound) for passing on a copy of a 1909 Remington catalog for us to use on this site. Let me be the first to say we all greatly appreciate it Jerry!

You may access selected pages (Model 8 related) of this catalog by visiting the "Model 8 & 81 DOWNLOADS" page. You can either click on the file or right click then "save as". I had a little trouble with just clicking on it so try both, I hope one works. If neither work give me a shout and i'll fix it. Here's a link to the page...

http://thegreatmodel8.remingtonsociety. ... ge_id=1855
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Re: Remington catalog added to site!

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The catalog addition is a nice feature. Thanks for posting it for all of us to share and enjoy. I also want to thank Jerry for sharing his catalog with us.

The pages about the sight was particular interesting to me. For the first time I now understand why there are so many variations on the sights. I had just assumed that the different owners found a sight they liked and replaced the original, what ever that was, with a sight of their own. I am going to take this page and go through my rifles to identify how many different sights that are on my rifles. It now makes sense to take the time to identify and record this additional information about the model 8.

Thanks again Jerry.



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