The Outlaw Henry Starr

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The Outlaw Henry Starr

Post by big al » Fri Jan 13, 2012 4:43 pm

Henry Starr
After reading an article in The New Shooting Times sept 2002 about The outlaw Henry Starr titled Henry Starr:The Last Of the Oklahoma Raiders by Sheriff Jim Wilson
page 80 and 82.In the article it says "in about 1906,Starr switched his allegiance to Remington Model 8 "
I found some more info online and am posting links at bottom of page if you would like to read about his antics.including this pic of Paul curry who shot and captured him in a bank robbery on March 27,1915.In the pic he is holding Henry Starr's Model 8.
I enlarged the pic as the original is small and am going to post it here and the link to the original.
Image ... urry_1.jpg ... rr-a112033 ... s-prisoner

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Re: The Outlaw Henry Starr

Post by Sarge756 » Fri Jan 13, 2012 9:01 pm

Al, Didn`t welcome you back a few days ago but will now.Sure am enjoying your posts of the history of our 8`s.Thanks for doing the research. Joe
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Re: The Outlaw Henry Starr

Post by 81police » Sat Jan 14, 2012 7:21 pm

Great post Al, I've never seen this photograph before either. Love how you find all this great 8/81 history. :D
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