Source of Model 8/81's and 14/141's

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Source of Model 8/81's and 14/141's

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Saw this on the Marlinowners board and wanted to pass the info along.
Next time you go to Grice , ease on over to Williamsport and go to a little town in the subs called "Hughsville" . There's a gunshop there called "Dugan's Gunshop" . Thye mostly trade in older used guns . Last time I was there they had maybe 2 dozen Remington 14/141's in variouse calibers and price ranges . Also an ABUNDANCE of Remington 8's and 81's . You'll see a few Marlin 1893's , 1936's and 36's as well as a pretty decent selection of Pre 64 Winchester levers .
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Re: Source of Model 8/81's and 14/141's

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hey guys, almost fell over when i saw dugans gun shop mentioned. ive lived with in 50 miles of the place all my life. just there 3 wks. ago. i stop in every now and then. all i found was a 1905 win. in a 32 very rare for these parts. it would have been a fine piece to go with my 1907 351 but it had a big bill on the tag. auto loaders old or new are very hard to find in this area. cant hunt with them in pa. and gun shops dont want them. i bought my mod. 8 in a small shop 25 miles form there. iit was on consinment. that was only one of 2 ive ever seen in my rounds. dugans shop has over 1400 guns but for the last several year. his older guns are getting scarce. there was a few 14 no 141s no 99s at all and very few vitage winchesters. his personal collection may be another story, im sure it is. about 2 years ago i found a gun shop that specializes in collectable firearms. this place is called northeast firearms its in honesdale, pa its about 2 hrs form my place . mine and yours kinda shop dust and dirt everywere

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