Approx value of 1907 Model 8

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Approx value of 1907 Model 8

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I have my grandfather's Model 8 (serial #4404 manufactured in 1907) in .30 caliber. The gun is in outstanding shape. I shoot the rifle periodically with outstanding accuracy to 100 yards. Unfortunately, I may have to sell it. Can anyone tell me where/how to do that and, perhaps, what it might be worth? Thank you.

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Re: Approx value of 1907 Model 8

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Value depends on condition and if in original condition. Can you post some pictures in order to get an assessment?
To get the most out of selling you can determine a price, list it here, or put it on an auction site: GunBroker, Gun Auctions etc.
Do not take it to your local gun store or pawn shop, they will only give you 50 -60% of the value.

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Re: Approx value of 1907 Model 8

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Here in Canada, Model 8 prices seem to have suddenly shot through the roof.
Your gun here would probably fetch $1000-$1200 in "outstanding" condition - even more if it were in 35
Even poor condition Mdl 8s are selling in the 5-800 dollar area.

That being said, I would advise against selling your grandfathers rifle - maybe its just me, but something like this should remain in the family.
If its a matter of money, get a second job or something to make ends meet.
if its a matter of not wanting guns in the house or something, another family member may cherish this rifle.
Sure wish I'd had an opportunity to get my Grampas guns when he passed.

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