Buffer springs

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Buffer springs

Post by miwoods »

There have been a number of questions on this forum regarding the dimensions buffer springs. I can find little data regarding the correct dimensions of the springs.

I know this is a pain, but is there a member here that has some correct original rifles that could post accurate measurements of the different springs?

As I have posted elsewhere on this site, based on info from Numrich, I believe my 30 Rem has a 35 Rem buffer.

Here are the dimension according to Numrich:
.25 1.935 x .880
.30 1.825 x .870
.32, .35, .300 Sav. 2.16 x .850

Can anyone confirm the accuracy of this info?

My rifle came with a buffer measuring 2.16 x .874, somewhat different from above.

Thanks, MIwoods

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Re: Buffer springs

Post by curdog »

The numbers may be a little misleading on their face.
There is no measurement of the actual spring stock size, or deflection data.
I do know a 25 spring can be mashed flat between your thumb and fore finger. None
of the others will allow that.

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