Remington 141 35 Rem range results

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Remington 141 35 Rem range results

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Got my new 141 Transitional model in 35 out to the range last Sunday. Very Happy! Six shots with 36 grains of H4895 and the 200 gr Hornady RN. This was at 50 yards, still need to try it at 100 yards. The 141's are so tame in the recoil department. I ran 60 rounds through it and my shoulder never complained. A model 8 or 81 in 35 would have beat me up!
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Re: Remington 141 35 Rem range results

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Good results for sure! Should do as good at 100 as you can shoot it. I use pretty much the same load in my 35 Model 14 but with my eyes and the factory sights I call it good to do 3-4". Got to agree that the pumps are easier on the shoulder. And they don't eject the empties so that they hit me on top of the head. :lol:

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Re: Remington 141 35 Rem range results

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That's some good shootin'!
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