Good and Bad

Talk about things other than the Model 8's and 81's
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Good and Bad

Post by Wildgoose »

Sometimes a little good can come from something bad. This last summer a member of our shooting club was forced to sell his acreage and move. Both he and his wife were having serious health issues and just could not take care of the property any longer. Being a life long shooter, hunter and reloader he had a very large inventory of shooting related stuff to get rid of. I and another friend helped him pack up and sell off most of it and then clean up the rest for auction. When we were done moving it all I found a box sitting on my tail gate. It was a thank you for all the efforts. He knew of my addiction to Model 8s and other old Remington rifles. The box was full of bullets, brass and loaded ammo for the 35 Rem cartridge. Most of the loaded ammo was unmarked and he was not sure just what it all had been loaded for but assured me that it was all stuff he had done over the years and it was safe to shoot. Knowing him like I do I was sure he was right. So I was able to spend a few days at the range shooting up all that stuff in my Model 8 and Model 14 Remingtons. Had a blast and now have all the empty brass I will ever need for my 35s. Not the way I would have liked to come by it but good all the same.

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Re: Good and Bad

Post by 81police »

that Model 14 is a beat, never owned one or shot one...yet
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Re: Good and Bad

Post by Sarge756 »

It is well that you were there to assist your friend. Great looking wood on the 14 and the target groups look to be "minute of deer". Cam, there will be a 14 and 141 for you to shoot at Jack`s this summer.
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Re: Good and Bad

Post by Mikeshoe72 »

Second that on the 141 pump, I'll be bringing my 1940 vintage 141 in 32 Rem this summer. The pumps definitely a different bird from the 8's and 81's, and have a very gentle recoil sensation. So yes, I'm addicted to these too!

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Re: Good and Bad

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81police wrote:that Model 14 is a beat, never owned one or shot one...yet
Cam - I'm sure you meant to say "a beaut" - but I got a brief chuckle for a second! :lol: Wasn't sure if you meant "beast" or "beaut" but both cool comments!

And yes - that is a nice looking 14 - and they are fun Remingtons, too! Got one in .32 FWIW.

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