Great 8 Event Appreciation

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Great 8 Event Appreciation

Post by Phyrbird » Tue Aug 02, 2016 9:12 pm

I think we could take a little time to thank those sponsoring the Event.
First and most important the Ladies (our rifles) all looked their best, especially those in the show room. WoW :shock:
Equally important the host and hostesses had stellar planning and schedule for all. Rarely have I known this level of hospitality and fellowship from folks I have never met in person. My brother was very impressed, sends his thanks.
The range was one of the best I have ever enjoyed, very well executed and arranged. The gongs were addictive.
Discussions, reviews, and sharing of info helped everyone there. Side displays of other arms were eyeopeners. Way past Cool :!: :!:
The menu was better than most high end restaurants, I enjoyed the suppers entirely too much :!: :lol:
As a maintenance planner in industry I know the work Jack, his wife, sister and others had to pull this together. What an incredible job :!: :!:
I am thankful & proud to be included in your company.

I invite those who made it to join the Appreciation. You that could not really missed it :oops: :(

Carl Sandage

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Re: Great 8 Event Appreciation

Post by 81police » Wed Aug 03, 2016 11:12 am

I'm in agreement Carl, what a great event Jack hosted. So much forethought and planning went into the weekend and it showed. Great food, great fun, and even better company. I hope we can all do it again in the future!
Cam Woodall
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