Stevens 335

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Stevens 335

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Anybody out their have any experience or pros or cons with the Stevens model 335 side by side 12 gauge. Cool old shot gun thinking about getting one.

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Re: Stevens 335

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Mt brother inherited one from our great-grandfather (I got the remington bolt action .22). It shoots like a brand new one, and I was jealous enough to consider buying my own. I can't imagine how there would be any 'cons' associated with it. Fit and finish is vastly superior to the new double barrels you can get for the same price, even if that's only because 100 years of use wore the burrs off.

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Re: Stevens 335

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For an entry level shotgun in its day a hundred or so years ago it was a bargain. Recessed hinge pin and a boxlock action......What`s not to like??? Far nicer than the 311`s and such that came along later. I shot one for years in 12ga until a bud at the hunt camp talked me out of it and as far as I know he still uses it some 25 years later. I don`t shoot the 12`s much anymore or I could get an itch to have another one. If there was one in 20ga I`d have to have it.
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