You guys in Oklahoma and Texas

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You guys in Oklahoma and Texas

Post by Sarge756 »

With all the weather related problems reported on the news I'm hoping none of our members in these two states are catching it. "Fair winds and calm seas" wished for you folks out there.
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Re: You guys in Oklahoma and Texas

Post by Roger »

Me too,Sarge me too.

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Re: You guys in Oklahoma and Texas

Post by ROBOPUMP »

I live out on the northwest side of Houston far enough to have a Houston address, but not live in the incorporated City of Houston. All is fine here, ground a little soggy. My only problem is that we have been in a drought for about 5 years and I have to remember NOT to pray for rain at the evening meal.


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Adam Lee
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Re: You guys in Oklahoma and Texas

Post by Adam Lee »

My classroom kids (I teach 5th grade students) have been tracking the severe weather recently in class. Unfortunately, this is when we start getting the bad stuff and hopefully TX/OK/Ark/MO/KS will rise above.
And it's good to hear you're not in the submerged parts of Houston!

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Re: You guys in Oklahoma and Texas

Post by oldschool »

Hey robopumo, I'm on the NW side as well.
Hockley/Waller area.
Stay dry!

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