vintage M8/81 reciever sights

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vintage M8/81 reciever sights

Post by chas1949 »

Looking for opinions concerning installing vintage receiver sights on my old Rems.
Both the Redfield sights on left and the Williams on the right require additional hole (two for Williams) be drilled and tapped in back of receiver for these to be properly installed.
I have always preferred to hunt and shoot rifles with a receiver/peep sight.
If I install these will they enhance or adversely affect the originality and value of my rifles. I currently have a M8 with a Marbles flip up peep sight and a M81 300 w/Krieger conversion and a Williams receiver and just really enjoy shooting these with
Mod 8 & 81 reciever sights.jpg
Mod 8 & 81 reciever sights.jpg (501 KiB) Viewed 9441 times
that type of sight.

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Re: vintage M8/81 reciever sights

Post by S and S HUNTCLUB »

Hello, They're some folks out there that'll tell you not to add any additional holes to your rifle's, as that can hurt the value. Maybe so, but my opinion is that if you favor the Redfield and/or Williams peep sights, then go ahead and install them.

I have a Model 81 Krieger in .300 SAV., with a Griffin & Howe side scope mount & Lyman Alaskan scope. It has the flip down Lyman rear sight and the Williams tang sight like the one you have pictured. It is my opinion that these accessories have enhanced the use of the rifle and added value as well. If all of the vintage after-market accessories stay with the rifle, then the value of the rifle will be maintained and the value of the accessories should be added to the value of the rifle. It's just my opinion.

I also like the twilight aperture (the brass ring) that you have installed on two of your sights. The Williams twilight aperture does bring in extra light in low light condition, which is nice.

I have an FN 1900, which has the Redfield tang sight installed and another FN 1900 that has a Marble's tang sight installed. The FN 1900's did not come from the factory that way, but the tang sights were on each of the FN's when I purchased the rifle's and I really enjoy the two added accessories while hunting afield. Bottom line is, the added tang sights did not keep me from buying the rifle's. I actually think they enhance the use of each rifle myself.

I would recommend doing whatever you feel is best for your own happiness & enjoyment of the rifle's.

My brother & I have bought & sold many Model 8's & 81's with the added accessories throughout the years and every time that we have sold a rifle that had been "drilled & tapped" and had the extra vintage accessory added to the rifle... the rifle "Sold with a Premium Added" for the value of the extra accessories that were on each one of the rifle's.

Some folks will tell you not to "drill & tap" a virgin rifle. That may be sound advise regarding a High End Engraved Model 8 or 81, or even sound advise for a rifle in Premium Condition.

I personally have never "drilled & tapped" a rifle for any after-market accessories. I have added the Marble's & Lyman tang sights to several Model 8's and 81's over the years though and even added different front and rear sights to enhance the rifle's use for hunting.

My feeling is go ahead and do whatever you want to do with each rifle. If the installation is done correctly and you gain some extra satisfaction while using "YOUR RIFLE'S" with the added tang sights...Then install them!

If the day comes when you want to sell any of the rifle's with the added vintage accessories, then add the value of each accessory to the selling price of the rifle. On the other hand though, if you decide to remove an accessory that involved drilling & tapping additional holes on the rifle, then the value of the rifle would then be less valuable, as the new owner will have to spend additional time, effort and money, trying to replace the missing vintage accessories.

Enjoy Life, Bob @ S and S HUNTCLUB

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Re: vintage M8/81 reciever sights

Post by Freischütz »

Hello – just saw this topic. I believe you won't hurt the rifle's value by drilling holes to add a period correct receiver sight. However, I prefer a tang sight. The hole is already there, and unlike tang sights on Winchester lever actions, the M8/81 tang sight doesn't interfere with your thumb's position on the stock.

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Re: vintage M8/81 reciever sights

Post by Hairtrigger »

I am at the point where I will not buy a vintage rifle with extra holes
I believe there is a special place in hell for those that have added those awful adjustable shotgun chokes and the swing away scope mounts!

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Re: vintage M8/81 reciever sights

Post by Sarge756 »

".......ain't many troubles that a man cain't fix
With seven hundred dollars and a thirty ought six."

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Re: vintage M8/81 reciever sights

Post by rem81auto »

another ditto HT

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Re: vintage M8/81 reciever sights

Post by jim8008 »

Now I think I understand the "Hairtrigger" moniker.

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Re: vintage M8/81 reciever sights

Post by Bru2530 »

In the above picture. The Williams at the right does anyone know the model number. Thank you

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Re: vintage M8/81 reciever sights

Post by Sebastian21 »

I will buy a model 8 with add on sight if the sight is there. I like peep sights. You can mount the back receiver sights that use the factory mounting hole with out drilling additional holes. I have done it many times. That rear factory hole to mount a sight was a stupid idea but it is all we have. Rear mounted rear sights do not fit the receiver very well. I use the factory hole and use a thick layer of epoxy glue to secure in place. Every trace of oil must be removed or the epoxy will not hold. Secure the one screw very tight and clean the excess glue off the edges. JB Weld also works. If you want to remove the sight just heat to about 300 degrees and the epoxy will melt. It has taken me a couple of times on some guns to get a secure joint but once I got a good bond they have held. The important thing is to make sure that the joint is oil free or the glue will not bond. Make sure the factory screw is very tight because it can not be tightened once the glue has set. I think the Williams sight is the best of all the Remington model 8 sights. Has both windage and elevation. The Williams has precise windage and the Redfield windage is crude.

I agree with the comments of S and S Huntclub. I have hunted with my 300 Savage with a Weaver K 2.5 scope and it has brought down every thing with one shot. I think a vintage scope and or peep increases the value. But a receiver with four, six, or eight holes does not have much appeal if the sights are missing.

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Re: vintage M8/81 reciever sights

Post by Bru2530 »

I recently purchased a model 81 in 300 savage that has the Williams rear peep like the one shown in above pic. The base that mounts to the receiver is all that's their so I'm looking for a model number to get a replacement thank you.

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