Remington Settles 700 Trigger lawsuit

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Remington Settles 700 Trigger lawsuit

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A few days ago I posted a link re recall of Remington pump shotguns due to a slam fire problem. The recent settlement of a long fought lawsuit concerning defects of the 700 triggers should also be of interest . I`m sure many of us here own some of the rifles affected in addition to our beloved old 8`s and 81`s. As a shooter and collector I was aware of the controversy of the 700 triggers and though never owning a model 700 have used great caution when handling one owned by others. What I was not aware of is that the defect is not limited to just the "700" model but covers others that I have owned. Please note in the text at the end of the link what model rifles are included. We were just talking about a "gifted" 722 and 721 here the other day and they are both listed as well as others. Take a look and see if you have one in your stable.

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Re: Remington Settles 700 Trigger lawsuit

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Thanks Joe, I was not aware of this at all.
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