Model 8 carry bag

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Model 8 carry bag

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I live in a place where I don't particularly want the neighbors to know I have guns in the house when nobody is home. So I use various "sports" bags to schlep rifles out to the car. The Mosin 91/30 is so long that I wound up with a "golf bag cover", which is a bag you put your golf bag in... the sports accessory market has bags for almost everything...

So, I wanted something more appropriate to the Remington when broken down, and I was particularly after "stealth", so I found this one on eBay. It was $27 with free shipping from England. It's heavy cloth-reinforced vinyl, waterproof except for the zipper, and has spring-steel rods along the zipper that hold the bag open and straight when unzipped. I need to make a foam-and-terrycloth divider for the rifle halves. There's room for ammo and muffs, too.

Someday I'll be able to afford one of those nice leather Model 8 carrying cases, but this will do for now.
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Re: Model 8 carry bag

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Now *that* is a nifty solution.
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Re: Model 8 carry bag

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Remember John Browning designed the model 8 to be transported in the take down manner. Back then most mode of transportation was horse, stage coach, and model T autos. Your carrying bag could be half the length and your neighbors would never know what you had. Just the view from the saddle.

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Re: Model 8 carry bag

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Wise plan... in most places these days.
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Re: Model 8 carry bag

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I used to wait until the very wee hours before moving guns to and from my car when I lived in an apartment in Charlotte, NC.

The tool bag is a good idea though.

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Re: Model 8 carry bag

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The 22" version of these works very well - and already has a divider: ... rifle-case

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