.505 Gibbs semi-auto

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.505 Gibbs semi-auto

Post by Hardrada55 »

Vigilance Rifles VR-1 in .505 Gibbs...... May be a little large for most North American game...I want one but don't have $10K

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Re: .505 Gibbs semi-auto

Post by 81police »

It looks based off of the BAR Longtrac action. Bet it's a THUMPER!
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Re: .505 Gibbs semi-auto

Post by TRX »

Man, they really don't want to tell you anything about that rifle on their web site... I finally found and downloaded the owner's manual to get some pictures of its innards. It looks like a gas-operated shotgun inside.

I have a PSL kit in the build queue, and the Voices were trying to talk me into putting it into a full wood sporter stock and chambering it in some old-school caliber like .375 H&H Velopex or 9.3x57. Turning up the radio drowned them out, though.

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