Too Many Deer in Texas????

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Too Many Deer in Texas????

Post by Sarge756 » ... d%3D482440

Ok Cam, I know you guys in Texas don`t have to search too hard for venison but this is ridiculous. :lol:

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Re: Too Many Deer in Texas????

Post by 81police »

yeah and we have to lock our doors at night now too...gotta keep the hogs from coming in!
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Re: Too Many Deer in Texas????

Post by imfuncity »

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Re: Too Many Deer in Texas????

Post by Phyrbird »

Don't feel bad we have some neighbors up the street. The little girls would just walk in :oops: if you didn't answer the door quick enough.
They were looking for bugs and snails, rearranged our retaining block walls for us. :shock:
Instead of calling cops or their Mama, they have project of helping me rebuild the moved sections. :twisted:

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