Sad news

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Sad news

Post by imfuncity »

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I'd rather resurface on the forum with better news but... found out yesterday that our reining octogenarian, "Sighthound", Jerry King, Boise ID, passed away Friday 4.4.14, he was 89. His son-n-law said it was a massive stroke and fortunately he did not linger.

I had the privilege of visiting with him at his home fall of '11, it was one of those rare guy times that we so often forget or get too busy to do - I almost missed it. We talked firearms, handled firearms, visited other folks who had firearms,... I will cherish it for the rest of my life. He had already forgotten more about firearms then I am ever going to know... especially the Rem M11!

Just last week he contacted me regarding reacquiring 30Rem dies that he sold me (knew that I am "still gonna some day" start reloading). Said he had just bought some 30Rem casings, was going to get active over at the club again. A life long firearms nut, I know he never really went inactive... it was just a few months after he sold "lock-stock & barrel" all of his M8 & M81 collection that he bought another M8, thereby starting all over again.

While I was there he told me that when he and Phyllis got married, as part of their honeymoon they went through AZ visiting family, during one stop he "naturally" went over to a gunshop to browse, one caught his eye, it went home with them. He told me he wasn't sure she ever forgave him for that... I suspect she must have, she sure stayed with him a long time.

Not that any of the family are on the forum but we do offer our condolences to Phyllis and rest of the family. He will be missed here, at his club, as well as by his family and many, many friends in the Boise area. It was a true pleasure to have known him, have dealings with him, and visit with him.
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Re: Sad news

Post by rem81auto »

That is sad news.

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Re: Sad news

Post by Sarge756 »

Gonna miss him. Had sent him a bag of 30 Rem brass for his renewed interest in reloading. Will have what he said on my mind for some time, "Spring is breaking and the range is calling".

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Re: Sad news

Post by jack1653 »

Thanks Mitch for posting about our dear friend. It was truly sad news when I received the news from Joe about the passing of fellow forum member ‘sighthound.” I knew him as “Jerry” and not Gerald and that is what he asked that I call him.

Jerry had over 200 posts on the forum and he was most knowledgeable about the firearms that we often discussed on the forum. He was a veteran and served his country proudly but was never boastful about the call to duty.

I would call and talk to Jerry just to check to see how he was doing. I was concerned when the wildfires were consuming the Idaho wilderness a couple years ago. Jerry would tell me in detail where the fires were burning and that he was never in any danger but could see and smell the smoke that engulfed the region. Our conversations would always end up talking about the Model 8 and 81. He encouraged me to get the "Dirty Dozen FN 1900's and I regret that I won't be able to tell him that I got number 12.

When Jerry decided to sell his collection “lock, stock and barrel” as Mitch said, I was the beneficiary of that decision. We consummated the deal with a verbal handshake because that is what Jerry wanted. All of his rifles were better than he had indicated. He was a fine gentleman and was a man of his word.

Several of the rifles in Jerry’s collection have a special place in my collection. The FN 1900 that came from Sweden came with a special story and Jerry provided that story in a hand written note. There was another rifle that came with a sad story about the father who bought the rifle for his son but the son died before he could give it to him.

Many of you have read the story about my FSMR and how Jerry inspired it. Not only did Jerry provide inspiration, he sold me the Krag 1898 sight that is on the rifle.

My last conversation with Jerry was just a couple weeks ago when he was inquiring about the replica FSMR that was in the collection he sold me. Because it was Jerry, I packaged up the wood and the bands because that is all he wanted and mailed it to him to finish his project. He was so appreciative to get the wood and bands.

I consider Jerry a special friend like I do other members on the forum. Jerry was always willing to offer an encouraging word and advice to whomever needed it. Many of us blamed Jerry for some of our out of control buying of the many firearms that we have and he enjoyed being blamed for the purchases.

I regret that I was not able to do what Mitch did and find a way to visit Jerry at his home. I for one will miss seeing his postings and my phone conversations with him. I will miss his advice and wisdom that he so graciously shared with all who viewed the forum.

My heartfelt condolences go to the Gerald King family. May the Peace and Comfort of our Lord and Saviour be with King family in this time of their grief and sorrow.


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Re: Sad news

Post by 81police »

Thank you for posting the news Mitch. I was sad to hear about the passing of Jerry and even though I never met him personally, "sighthound" had been a member of this forum from the beginning...I believe he may have been a member of the previous forums as well.

I always enjoyed Jerry's input because he knew what he was talking about but in a non boastful way. He had a strong presence on our forums with 230+ posts!

My condolences and prayers for all of Jerry's family. As Jack so well said, "May the Peace and Comfort of our Lord and Saviour be with the King family".
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Re: Sad news

Post by Roger »

Complete shock and sorrow is all I can say about how I felt when i read Mitch's post about our friend and fellow collector sighthound . I always felt a real connection with Jerry King because of our common interest in the Auto 5 shotguns. And I always enjoyed reading his posts and responces on this forum. I can only say how sorry I am that I didn't get to post the pics of my son's "Messenger gun" for Jerry to see . I just asked my son friday night at our birthday party if we could take some pictures of it to post here for my friends and fellow members to see and admire. And he said yes. I'm so sorry Jerry that I didn't get it done soon enough for you to see them. My deepst heartfelt condolences go out to Jerry's family,because even though we never met in person,I considered hm a friend.
Thanks for your time,

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Re: Sad news

Post by Adam Lee »

Hey guys - a few thoughts I had about the unfortunate passing of Jerry AKA Sighthound follows.

I had a brief time getting to know Jerry here over the last year or so. But in that short time, I quickly recognized a friendly and giving nature in Jerry - he certainly was a gentleman.

I will miss his thoughtful posts, as I am sure will all of us.

Godspeed, Jerry!
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Re: Sad news

Post by ctgodog »

Sorry to hear of this news about "Sighthound". I so enjoyed reading his comments and posts...I could tell that he knew a lot about firearms and their history! I will miss his input and knowledge....GOD BLESS...

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Re: Sad news

Post by Pitchy »

Sorry to hear this about Sighthound, prayers up for the family.
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Re: Sad news

Post by 35Rem »

Just saw this. I haven't been active enough here...
He will be missed here, for sure.
I did correspond with him regarding some of his very nice Model 11's. I didn't find one that I NEEDED so we never made a deal, but he was a great guy.
War Eagle!

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