Long Recoil Dying?...50BMG Bullpup

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Long Recoil Dying?...50BMG Bullpup

Post by 81police »

Slow motion shots of the action tell me it sure looks like long-recoil!

This is built by a Canadian company...

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Re: Long Recoil Dying?...50BMG Bullpup

Post by Sarge756 »

Sure looks like long recoil to me. I want one. At $5+ a round it would still be a cheap thrill to light that one off .Enjoyed the video.
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Re: Long Recoil Dying?...50BMG Bullpup

Post by Phyrbird »

$5 a round is not the worst of it. Guess the price of a rifle, then scope and mounts that will handle the pounding.
OWWWWW :shock:

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Re: Long Recoil Dying?...50BMG Bullpup

Post by canuck »

Actually, its built by a Hungarian company - imported to Canada by a Canadian company

14.5K for the rifle + decent optic and mounts~5K?
20000 Canadian dollars
Figure in the exchange rate and you boys are getting a bargain :lol:
Can this be imported to the US?

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Re: Long Recoil Dying?...50BMG Bullpup

Post by In The Ten Ring »

Only 20K Canadian? POCKET CHANGE in this economy! :lol:

I once thought about getting a .50 BMG (AR 50 single shot) because I was in something of an "arms race" with a friend. He had gotten a .300 Weatherby, .338 Win Mag, & a .375 H&H, so naturally I wanted to beat him. 8-) I actually never bought anything bigger than a .308!

I did get a .58 caliber flintlock though....I am yet to shoot it.

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