John Browning Designed Rifles

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John Browning Designed Rifles

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Hi everyone,
Almost all the rifles and shotguns in my gun safe are Browning designs. I just recently found a Winchester Model 1892, in 25-20, at my local gun shop, that was mfg. in 1911, that is in really nice original condition. It was priced at $1200 (which I can't afford). So, after doing extensive research on the design and the caliber (25-20), I learned a lot about these lever action rifles. I have never owned a lever action rifle. I am amazed at John Browning's genius when it comes to designing all the different rifle and pistols that he came up with.
I remembered that I had found a lever action rifle out in the sage brush of Eastern Oregon, when I was there on a hunting trip with my father, when I was 19 years old, in 1963. I was hiking back to my fathers truck, which was about a mile away, through the sage brush, and I happen to step on the end of this rifle, and it popped up out the dirt. I went and got the old rifle, which I have had for 50 years, and checked the model # and the serial #. It is a Winchester Model 1892, in 38 WCF, and was mfg. in 1919 (found it when I was 19 yrs old). It has a bullet lodged in the barrel, and the magazine has a dent in it, and is very rusty, with most of the forearm still intact, and the butt stock gone. Long story short......

I just recently purchased a Rossi R92, 357 Mag/ 38spl, 24" octagon barrel, in stainless steel, which is a replica of the exact rifle that I found 50 years ago ( other than the caliber). I just received it yesterday, and haven't had a chance to shoot it yet, but, I will update the results of that soon. I am looking forward to shooting this one. The reason that I settled on the Rossi, is that it was about half the price of the Winchester's and the Browning's.

I have a Rossi pump .22, in stainless steel that I have had for over 15 yrs., and it has been an excellent rifle. So I thought that I would give this lever action a try.

More later,

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Re: John Browning Designed Rifles

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Agree with your assesment of Browning designs from muzzle loaders to full auto and should you participate or would care to you have adequate guns for Cowboy Lever Silhouette events, your tube magazine 22 is legal for small bore and 357 for both pistol and rifle caliber, downing iron is a fun game. You sagebrush pickup reminds me how often this happens, as a kid on farm in eastern Oregon I recall finding remains of an 1858 Remington 44 cal percussion revolver, a friend once found remains of an 1849 Colt percussion with a blown chamber while reworking old mine tailings in Idaho Chamberlain Basin gold fields and another friend found a Spencer Carbine in southern Idaho sagebrush country, wood was gone but not real bad shape otherwise. If these could talk think of the stories they could relate. Jerry

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