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Talk about things other than the Model 8's and 81's
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new FB page

Post by Packmule »

made a new page for Classic Hunting rifles, Remington model 8's & 81's are included

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Re: new FB page

Post by Sarge756 »

Good job. I "Liked" it. Enjoyed the photos.
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Re: new FB page

Post by sighthound »

Saw your FN post, great pictures, excellent page, so much crap on FB this is very refreshing, Beautiful Firearms and classic works of art featuring the design, execution of metal and woodworking skills of talented artisans. Thanks for calling attention to page. Jerry

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Re: new FB page

Post by jack1653 »

Hey pack mule,

I visited your new Facebook page. You have some very neat postings and rifles that I have never heard of before. I can understand why you like this type of rifle. I did not make any comments on the Facebook page because I am not a member and stay away from the social media programs. Thanks for sharing the information with us.



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