Oh hail FearLessLeader!

Talk about things other than the Model 8's and 81's
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Oh hail FearLessLeader!

Post by imfuncity »

... at least Happy Birthday FearLessLeader, and thanks for keeping this ship upright. :D
Though defensive violence will always be “a sad necessity” in the eyes of men of principle, it would be still more unfortunate if wrongdoers should dominate just men. - St. Augustine

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Re: Oh hail FearLessLeader!

Post by jack1653 »

Happy Birthday My Friend!!



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Re: Oh hail FearLessLeader!

Post by rem81auto »

Happy Birthday :D

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Re: Oh hail FearLessLeader!

Post by 81police »

Thanks fellas! Turned 33 today!
Cam Woodall
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Re: Oh hail FearLessLeader!

Post by Adam Lee »

81police wrote:Thanks fellas! Turned 33 today!
"33" - isn't that connected with a particular brand of beer? :lol:

Happy B-day & thanks for the many things I've learned from this collection of like-minded individuals. Far as Remington gun stuff, I mean..... ;)

I am a regular joe, consisting of 78% coffee, 12% hot air, 9% organizational abilities, and 1% luck.

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Re: Oh hail FearLessLeader!

Post by sighthound »

33 what a glorious age, the world is yours for the asking 8/81/1900 and all. Jerry

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Re: Oh hail FearLessLeader!

Post by Roger »

Hey Cameron,
Sorry I missed your birthday,my friend. Hope you had a good day! Thanks for everything you've done and still are doing for us rem.8/81 nuts. I really do appreciate it all.
Thanks for your time,
Your friend,Roger

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Re: Oh hail FearLessLeader!

Post by Pitchy »

Yepper Happy Belated Birthday pard. :)
A lot of water under the bridge good and bad,
Bad when i did it my way, Good when i did it Gods way.


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