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Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2012 8:32 am
by 81police
I just wanted to give y'all an update on the forums. David Fagan has updated them for us, amidst the changes I'm sure y'all noticed the influx of spam. Hopefully the security measures he's employed will combat those from now on. Also I noticed during the change most picture attachments and avatars did not keep, so you'll have to reload your avatars.

The "view active topics" doesn't seem to be working on my end but on the right side if you use "view new posts" that will usually show all the new stuff.

If y'all have any questions whatsoever feel free to reply to this post or send me an email. Thank all y'all for your patience and participation!


Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2013 8:16 pm
by jack1653
My Fellow Members and Visitors,

I do not know where to post this issue but feel that some of the topics being discussed have nothing to do with what the purpose of this particular website was established to do. It had been my impression, from the original founder, and current administrators, that this website was to be dedicated to the Remington Model 8 and Model 81 semi-automatic rifles and the associated sub-topics related to these unique rifles.

While some of the newer postings are in of themselves very interesting, I personally find they have absolutely nothing to do with or are related to the Remington Model 8 & 81 rifles. I have diligently tried to find some association of these topics to the purpose of this website and in all honesty I can find none. I have to agree with imfuncity's comment that "The level of knowledge of the membership is astonishing.", but that knowledge has nothing to do with the Remington Model 8 & 81.

There are many other websites where some of the current topics should be or could be posted and not take the space or time of members whose purpose of visiting the website and forums is to learn more about the Remington Model 8 & 81. Like many of you, I have other special interests and knowledge about a variety of subjects and feel sufficiently adequate to articulate those interests but with respect to the readers who visit this website I refrain from expressing them because they have nothing to do with the Remington Model 8 & 81.

Not being a stranger to criticism or opinionated viewpoints, I am certain that I will have offended some very bight and intelligent members whose talents and interests are truly amazing. However, I hope that they can understand what the purpose of this website was intended to do. If you have any questions about the intent of the website, I would encourage all to read the purpose statement of the website.

Respectfully Submitted,



Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2013 7:23 am
by DWalt
"While some of the newer postings are in of themselves very interesting, I personally find they have absolutely nothing to do with or are related to the Remington Model 8 & 81 rifles."

I would point out that the "off-topic" postings are for the most part confined to the "General" area, which to my interpretation covers about anything not directly related to the Models 8 and 81 (the stated purpose of which is "General - Talk about things other than the Model 8's and 81's"). Therefore, why is there even a General category if the only postings that should be there are those related to the Models 8 and 81?

Almost all forums contain an area in which the members can discuss about anything from A-Z that they want to discuss, as there are no specific topic limits (other than being family-friendly). Some forums call it General Discussion, Lounge, Clubhouse, Gallery, etc. So what is the "Official" policy about what topics should or should not be posted in "General" area of this forum?


Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2013 9:01 am
by imfuncity
Ah, good points both - even if contradictory. :?


Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2013 9:57 am
by jack1653
Hey Guys,

I will ask you to excuse my "black/white" view point about my post. I certainly agree with Dwalt about the description for the General topic and in retrospect I should have been better informed before spouting off. It brings to mind a message that was sent to my Dad from my eight grade algebra teacher: "Sometimes his sound comes on before his picture tube has warmed up!" It appears in this modern age, I still may have the same problem.

Please feel free to post what ever you want and I will use better desecration about what I will read.




Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2013 11:19 am
by Phyrbird
Ladies & Gents,

One of the main reasons I prefer this community is you actually get (most of the time) answers!! Yes the primary focus is the rifles we collect and sometimes love too much. Many of the forums mentioned in other posts are effectively Dead, keep our group alive and thriving....
However, I suggest we don't push too hard on members with other interests; it's a freedom of speech thing. Perhaps reminding them to move these discussions to areas for these topics will help. Adding sections could also be an option. (within the limits of server space of course)


Posted: Sun Jun 16, 2013 6:31 am
by Adam Lee
Blame it all on John - John Moses Browning - and his inventor colleagues, mainly John Pedersen. Hard not to like all of their guns, even though Jack's right - ironic that so many guns other than 8's and 81's are talked about here!

I take full responsibility for my own irresponsibilities in this instance.

I think I just invented a new word!! OK, maybe not, the red underlines didn't appear.....

....and I will quite soon be putting my laser-like attention on the Remington 8 I am "refreshing" so expect more photos about 8's this summer.