feeling kinda bad right now...

Talk about things other than the Model 8's and 81's
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mr mike
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feeling kinda bad right now...

Post by mr mike »

Man, I'm feeling real bad this afternoon. All day nothing on the news but that guy in
Colorado shooting those people in the movie house.
One of the weapons he used was a Remington 870 shotgun. When the local newsman on TV
quoted the weapons the police found, two 40 cal Glocks, plus an AR-15 assault gun, and the Remington 870 shotgun, he
reported the remington as a "Remington 8". When my wife heard that, she gasped,
"My lord, isn't that the kind of guns you have?"

Like I say, got a bad feeling about all this. In addition to this most recent senseless slaughter,
it wasn't an hour and I began to here that chant of GUN CONTROL.

I realy don't think or feel this is about Obama or even Romney. Around the country,
folks are just starting to get tired of repeated incidents like this. Locally here in Seattle we've had
three kids shot with their parents weapons, plus numerous shootings including five folks gunned down in a
coffee shop. None of whom had any prior connection to the shooter.

Nationaly over just the last two years I can't keep track of the number of incidents reported
including congress women Gabby Gifford in the southwest.

I don't know the answer to any of this. In the movie shooting incident, I'm hearing this guy was a college student
in a PHD program. Supposedly a "straight up" guy with nothing more than a traffic ticket on his record.
All the guns were obtained legally its reported.
Like I say, got some real bad feelings on this. Don't want to give up shooting or anything, but......

You should have heard me telling my wife...." It was an 870....a shotgun honey. Not a model 8 !"
Talking this over with my her later she made an interesting observation.
She wanted to know "Isn't gun control sort of like when Wiatt Earp as marshal of Dodge city required the cowboys
to turn in their gun's 'till they left town?"
Intresting point. I didn't have an answer for her on that one.
Gonna have to think on that a bit.

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Re: feeling kinda bad right now...

Post by canuck »

A horrible incident to be sure - my thoughts are with the families - but would this have been avoided with "gun control"?

What exactly is "gun control"?

Is it intrusive background checks and licencing of gun owners? (your ex from 10 years ago has to say its OK for you to have a gun!)
Is it government registration of all legally owned firearms? (we just got rid of some of this BS)
Is it restricting the ownership and use of certain "evil" firearms to only certain individuals?
How about only being able to use certain guns at certified ranges?
Or maybe outright prohibition of ownership of some guns - those evil "assault" rifles or hey, how about any handgun with a barrel less than 4" long (who needs one of those!?)
How about safe storage laws that make you a criminal if you don't have a 99 cent trigger lock on your gopher gun?
Or maybe, the "GUN CONTROL" crowd wants only the police and military to be able to have guns - how would that be with you?

I know these ideas have been sneaking up on you guys in certain states, but I would strongly advise you to fight the "gun control" crowd now before you have to fight to undo all those assinine ideas (can you ever?) like we have to here in Canada.

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Re: feeling kinda bad right now...

Post by DWalt »

Ans don't forget about the looming UN gun (anti-gun) treaty - This sort of incident makes those in the US Senate who wouldn't normally go along on approval think twice for political reasons.

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Re: feeling kinda bad right now...

Post by sighthound »

Consider this, it is well known many in the entertainment industry are anti firearms and 2nd Amentment rights for average citizens believing instead those rights are only for military and police use.
Meanwhile, movie and television producers turn out films and programs with graphic violence content depicting shootings, stabbings, beating and all manner of violent acts which among other things serve to desensitize viewers and encourage copy cat behavior.
Could this programing be propaganda designed to create events like last night in a Colorado theater, to futher their efforts in passing restrictive firearms laws?
A case in point, during WWII our own government propaganda depicted Japanese peoples as subhuman creatures that among other things ate raw fish and the only good Jap was a dead Jap. Well, today in good old USA there is sushi bars eveywhere and persons of Japanese decent are some of our most responsible citizens.
Certainly freedom of speech, assembly and expression are as important as our 2nd Amendment and all other guarantees spelled out in the Bill of Rights and Constitution, the problem lies not only with persons like the Colorado shooter but also with those responsible for actions inciting violent behavior.
Thank you for your consideration, email me at sodbuster37@q.com with your thoughts, maybe I'm off base.
Regards, Jerry

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Re: feeling kinda bad right now...

Post by Roger »

My thoughts @ prayers are with the victims families in this ridiculous event in Colorado. I truly don't believe any kind of gun control would have prevented this idiot's actions. No one that I've talked to thinks that anyone who's normal could behave like this madman did. Is he insane? I'm no Dr. All I know is that a bunch of innocent people are now going to suffer for a very long time. These are just the opinions and thoughts of a remodeling contractor from Iowa.
Thanks for your time,

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Re: feeling kinda bad right now...

Post by imfuncity »

Living behind enemy lines is not fun or secure... rarely is an "active shooter" stopped by the police/law enforcement.

Plus, getting those over-reaching gun control laws "un-done" - once one finds out how the laws generally only REALLY affect the law abiding - is just not going to happen. How does laws (regarding gun control) ever really affect LAW-less (criminals) or cowards intending to do harm to innocents? Gun laws has always been about control as it continues to be.

"The philosophy of gun control: Teenagers are roaring through town at 90MPH, where the speed limit is 25. Your solution is to lower the speed limit to 20."- Sam Cohen (inventor of the neutron bomb)

"One cannot legislate the maniacs off the street... these maniacs can only be shut down by an armed citizenry. Indeed bad things can happen in nations where the citizenry is armed, but not as bad as those which seem to be threatening our disarmed citizenry in this country at this time." - Jeff Cooper

On the other hand:
A Parent’s Guide to School (Crowd) Shootings

The Toronto Mall Shooting - Four Tips for Surviving the Active Shooter
Though defensive violence will always be “a sad necessity” in the eyes of men of principle, it would be still more unfortunate if wrongdoers should dominate just men. - St. Augustine

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Re: feeling kinda bad right now...

Post by sighthound »

Excellent articles on defensive measures persons can do to defend and limit attacks by these domestic terrorists and deranged nut jobs. Police cannot be everwhere and prevent all such attacks, more armed, responsible and trained citizens, would help but never able to prevent all. In the meantime all must be vigilant in protecting citizens constitutional rights in this the greatest country the world has ever known. Jerry

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Re: feeling kinda bad right now...

Post by Clem »


"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy".
B. Franklin

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