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Nice 6x6 Elk taken with a Remington Model 81 in 35 REM.

Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2015 12:21 pm
Here's a picture of a nice 6x6 Elk taken by Doug P., a fellow Remington enthusiast & friend. This bull from taken in September of 2014 with a Remington Model 81 in 35 Remington. Notice the hand made leather sling on the rifle that is brother makes. His brother makes two different types of slings for the Remington Model 8's & 81's. One type is made to be used with sling swivels and the other type is made to be used on rifles without sling swivels.

Hunting season is just around the corner and I can not wait for it to arrive!

Enjoy Life, Bob @ S and S HUNTCLUB

Re: Nice 6x6 Elk taken with a Remington Model 81 in 35 REM.

Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2015 1:06 pm
by 81police
beautiful bull Elk and an almost equally beautiful 81! Thanks for sharing the photo S&S...maybe we should start a new "hunting photos" thread to get the excitement going for this coming winter!

Re: Nice 6x6 Elk taken with a Remington Model 81 in 35 REM.

Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2015 9:41 pm
Hey Cam, I know that I am getting very excited about the upcoming hunting season. I set up the guide tent early this week, to give it a good "look-over" and take care of anything that needed to be addressed before we head to deer camp. I broke it down today and its ready for the trip.

As you know, we lost our dad on July 5th and he was a great sportsman and he very much appreciated all of Gods creations. He was the driving force that educated me & my three brothers about life afield & got us all involved in hunting.

My brothers & I will greatly miss having him around this season, but he'll be there in spirit. I know that there will be many memorable stories about all of special times spent with our Dad, that'll be told around the camp fire this year.

I think a "hunting thread" to get everyone excited about the upcoming season & spending time afield with family & friends would be a great thing. I know that I really cherish that hunting time with my family & friends. Anyone that hunts has a great story or a special memory that they have experienced while hunting and they always light up when they get the chance to share their stories. That's one of the great things about life...spending time with the special people in our lives and creating a memory that'll last a lifetime.

This picture was a special memory for me. My Dad "Bob", was having some difficulties with his health and my brothers and I, were just happy that he was able to make the trip to our annual deer camp. I had set up a new pop-up deer blind for him, equipped with a small power-cat propane heater and a folding camp chair with arm rests. This location was my Dad's favorite honey hole.

His stand was set on a red pine ridge that my uncle Jack had planted many moons ago. It was flanked by an apple orchard to the west, an oak hardwoods with red oak & white oak trees that produced an abundance of acorns to the south and a cedar swamp to the north, that has a nice ice cold brook trout stream that cuts its way through the cedars. He always saw plenty of deer in his honey hole. Dad's health was failing, so he would parked his 4x4 truck about 60 feet from his blind and he walked the short distance, with his cane and rifle in hand.

It was opening day again and he was very excited about being able to make the trip & the season ahead, as he went to his heated blind. It was a cool crisp fall morning and a winter storm front was moving in. As I said, he was having difficulties with health. As he was unzipping the blind, he fell and the barrel of his rifle ripped through the fabric and damaged the new blind, but he was able to pick himself up and ready himself for the opening day of deer season. At lunch time, I made my way towards his location to check on him and when I arrived, he was excited about his morning and all of the does that had made their way by his stand that morning. He was bummed out about the damage to the blind, but it did not matter to me, because I felt blessed to have him there with me.

We made our way back to camp and had a good hot lunch with my brothers & nephews. That evening the temperatures were falling and the snow was starting to fall at dusk. I heard one shot from my Dad's location and called him on the phone. He said he had just shot a buck and needed my help. My nephew Chad was in the area, heard the shot and he arrived at his Grandpa's stand shortly after I did. We listened to Dad's story of how the buck came in and his excitement was invigorating. Dad had spent many days afield in his lifetime and if you're a deer hunter, each buck creates an excitement, just like the first buck...and Dad was excited!

We listened to Dad's/Grandpa's story, as the new snow started to fall. It was Chad's first year at deer camp and he was very excited about the tracking ahead. We all slowly made our way to the orchard to the west, walking at a slow pace, as Dad made his way with his cane in hand. Dad was concerned that he may have not got a good shot on the buck, as he was dealing with his health issues.

We listened to how the buck ran away after being shot. Chad & I were pointed in the direction that it ran towards the apple orchard. The wet snow was starting to fall and we were concerned about tracking the buck, as night fall was setting in. We found the buck 50 yards from the blind, with a well placed shot to the heart! We took some pictures and decided to load the buck in Dad's 4x4 truck and bring it back to camp and field dress the buck at camp, where everyone else could be part of the experience and excitement.

I absolutely love these special times and I truly do like to see & hear about everyone's hunting experience's. I would like to see a "Hunting Thread", to fire up the excitement of the coming season. There is nothing better than spending quality time afield with family & friends. Especially when you have a vintage Autoloader in hand!!!!! :D

I added a picture of a special hunt with my brother Jeff & my Dad. Jeff took this buck at ten yards, with a Winchester Model 1901 (#64) in .401 CAL. and I was hunting with my 1916 Model 8 pistol grip in 35 Rem. Dad was there & he took the picture for us.

If you're having thoughts about spending time with your family & friends and you have not taken the time to make it happen yet, then make this year the start to a great tradition. Whether it s a day hunt or week long trip, it'll be packed full of memories, that you'll cherish for a lifetime!

Get out & enjoy Life, Bob @ S and S HUNTCLUB

Re: Nice 6x6 Elk taken with a Remington Model 81 in 35 REM.

Posted: Fri Sep 18, 2015 8:23 am
by adirond8
what an awesome story!!!! As I was reading your story, I could help but be caught up in the moment you were sharing. Very detailed descriptions, so I could imagine that I was there and the complete layout of this setup. I also couldn't help but notice the similarities of your story, and how I feel towards my father that has now turned 72. My brothers and I have also noticed how age is creeping in on the old man, and how he can no longer get around like he once did.
Again what a great story.....and great memories. Best of luck to you in the up coming season, and I bet your father will be looking over you guys the whole time.

Re: Nice 6x6 Elk taken with a Remington Model 81 in 35 REM.

Posted: Fri Sep 18, 2015 12:08 pm
by 81police
Terrific story! I too was getting sucked into the story as I read along. The best part about it all wasn't the bucks shot, but the quality time spent with your family. Very special stuff, thanks for sharing that with us all. Y'all did some good shooting :D :D

Re: Nice 6x6 Elk taken with a Remington Model 81 in 35 REM.

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 12:58 pm
by mart
Great story. My dad is 85 and never really was a hunter. He liked to shoot and knew guns well enough to discuss them but as a dairy farmer with 5 kids he just never had the time or took the time to hunt. He never discouraged my interest though.

Great rifles all. The elk is spectacular and the rifle a beaut.

I have a 401 like the one pictured and after I get either a new forend or the cracked one repaired, will get it out hunting next year. I took my model 8 25 Remington a couple times this year for caribou but no luck so far.

Having grown up in northern NY, I just love the pictures of classic autoloaders and whitetails. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Nice 6x6 Elk taken with a Remington Model 81 in 35 REM.

Posted: Tue Dec 08, 2015 4:04 pm
by jercon
I read the stories on your dad with great interest, reminds me so much of my dad and deer hunting out of our cabin in northeastern Pennsylvania, we can't use the Autos here in pa, so i'm regulated to my 141 Remington in 35 cal It was made the same year I was born (1939) so I am 76 years old now but like your dad I still try and get out some with my 4 boys and wife, hope you have a good hunting season.
Gerald Chandler.
Milan pa.