Another Deer to the Model 8

Hunting pictures of your Remington Autoloader
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Another Deer to the Model 8

Post by RJSPORT » Fri Nov 19, 2010 7:04 pm

Just back from deer camp and the Model 8 Remington has done the job again. I dropped a spike buck at about 125 yards with one heart shot. The deer was up hill from me so the bullet took out the heart and went up through the lung on the off side and exited just below the spine. A 1" hole going in and a 2" hole going oout. The load was a 200 grain cast bullet at 2000 fps. I still have a couple of tags to fill and will take the 8 back out in January for late season.

Now the reason for the post...

I have read Crossman's critisism of the Model 8 and would offer this rebuttal:

I will first comment that most of the critisism of the rifle comes from dedicate bolt gunners and not necessaraily from didinterested parties, kind of like asking Keith about a 270.

The gun is heavy. Well not really, consider that in 1910 a lever gun of similar power would have weighed 9 pounds or more and quite frankly MEN were use to carrying heavier guns and wern't as delicate as some of the later shooters. My 35 remington weighs in at 7 3/4 pounds on the nose and by contrast my Krag sporter weighs 8 pounds so which gun is heavy?

It's clumsy to carry. I don't find it so. I have 3 8's and an 81 and have owend several and quite a few of them show blue wear just aft of the front sight where your hand naturaly curls around and grasps the gun just ahaed of the magazine. Or if you prefer hold the gun in the crook of your left arm with the hand curled abaft of the magazine. Certinaly no clumsier than the 95 Winchester, the Krag or a 91 Argentine.

The spool cocking handle is ugly. Yeah it is, but when you need to work the action in the field and it's freezy cold you can get a grab on it. And a darn sight better than the little stump on the Model 11 that someone wanted to copy.

Last but not least, it KICKS! Well excuse meeee! Yes there is some recoil, but having shot a 1886 light weight hunting rifle and a 35 Remington side by side I'll take the Remington. The problem here is that the Remington has a unique recoil that is so different that it is noticed by folks. Since i have shot heavy recoiling guns for over 40 years now i can't say that I find the Model 8 all that bad, and compared to say a Ruger #3 in 45-70 it's right pleasant.

So I will just continue to carry my M8 afield for a few more years and I hope to pass one down to each grandson so they can continue the tradition.

I agree with John Browning the Model 8 is simply the best hunting rifle made.

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Re: Another Deer to the Model 8

Post by 81police » Mon Nov 22, 2010 2:04 am

I couldn't have said it any better RJ! Thanks for the post.

Great hunt too, did you happen to get a picture of your deer w/ the rifle?
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Re: Another Deer to the Model 8

Post by Behemotosh » Tue Nov 23, 2010 9:18 pm


I liked your evaluation of the Model 8/81s and agree with you in every respect.

Maybe its just me, but these rifles seem to come up and on target quicker than anything I have ever had in my hands. Yeah, there is some recoil, but I get more recoil out of the bolt action jack handle guns around. I like the moving parts that one feels inside the barrel.

The family started having firing pin problems and we could not get parts in the early 50's from the gunsmiths in our area. The second day I was out of the service in 1967, I bought a Browning BAR because it had the hump similar to the Model 8/81. I really like the Browning, but I still shoot two of the three Model 8s I have.

Some time ago, a forum member questioned the accuracy of the Model 8/81's. I shot a Buffalo the other day off-hand at about 90 yards and hit him exactly where I aimed-in the neck, the first vertebre from his head. He instantly fell like a train hit him. I was using factory ammo that was fresh when Isenhower was President.

Shoot straight!

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