Prices and Conditions

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Prices and Conditions

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Well after a couple of weeks looking at the gun auctions and other sorces all I can say is that these guns are truly hard to get a handle on. The more I look into them the more I am sure I am going to pick one up some day but just how is the question. Priceing is all over the place for the most part, condition of the rifle is too and when you throw in caliber variations it's a hard game to handicap. What do most of you folks who collect these rely on? Hands on inspection or can a guy get a fair deal on line?

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Re: Prices and Conditions

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You can get a fair deal online if you know what you're looking for. Even still though, pictures may or may not do a rifle justice. I'd personally put condition up there as the #1 deciding factor on price.

You can get a good shooter for a fair price even today.
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