Remington Model 8 & 81 Pro Takedown Tool Set!

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Remington Model 8 & 81 Pro Takedown Tool Set!

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I have again, taken on another project with positive results. I have had a small quantity of Pro grade takedown tools made for the Remington 8's & 81's. These are Gunsmith grade/quality tools! They are a two piece set, one for the barrel nut, one for the barrel bushing. Both have 12" x 3/8" steel handles. Tolerances are approx. .003" - .004" over on the nut tool and .003" - .004" under on the "T" bushing tool. They come with complimentary set of slide on plastic grips & extra set screw for the nut tool too as well as instructions!

The set sells for $79.95 each plus shipping. You can't go out and find the parts & pieces and make these up this cheap, I can garauntee that! These are quality steel and made in USA! The "Spanner Wrench" is nice and a great tool, don't get me wrong, as I offer them too but, they are a display item in comparison! I have on auction on Gun Broker, check out under "circlebranch" or email me direct at: "" and I will be happy to forward pictures! ( the site does not want to accept my pictures, maybe someone could tell me how?)

I put several promotional models out for field tests prior to having a small run made. These will break down almost any rusted, frozen, stuck barrel nut & bushing out there. I took down a model 8 the otherday that I knew was going to be a problem. The barrel nut was so rusted, not even soaking it in penetrating oil for a straight week helped loosen it. I installed the barrel nut tool over the nut, aligned the set screw, hand tightened it, gave it a hard turn and broke it free. Same scenario with the stuck bushing!

If you want to save yourselves the headache of trying to come up with a better mousetrap, NO need, I've done it for you. Not only are these heavy duty, the critcal parts are heat treated and oil quenced for hardness and durability. Again, just trying to help out fellow Remington buffs with afforadable items to make life easier. Everytime I run into a problem, I try to find a simple cost effective solution.

Regards to all!

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Re: Remington Model 8 & 81 Pro Takedown Tool Set!

Post by Roger »

I am interested in purchasing the Take Down Tool Set for Model 8 Remington. Please let me knoew the next steps. I am computer stupid and a beautiful and very smart woman is typing this for me. My email address is or call me at 515-314-79O9.

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