Need .25 Rem reloading advice

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Need .25 Rem reloading advice

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I'm looking to load Hornady 117gr RN (#2550) bullets with IMR-3031 and WLR primers in Graf brass. I've seen comments in this forum about 27.0 gr being the max. I've also read that the .25-35 Win load data can be used for the .25-Rem. The current Hornady reload manual says that the max load for IMR-3031 in the .25-35 Win is only 22.1gr. That's a good bit less than 27.0gr !

What is the recommended load range for the Rem Model 8 in .25 Rem with this bullet and powder?

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Re: Need .25 Rem reloading advice

Post by fechnerj »

I've just recently got into reloading for my 25 Rem. I used the Hornady book data for 25-35 and confirm what you are seeing for 3031.
In my case I went with H335, WLR primer, and Hornady SP. #2552 bullets. H335 is rated about equal to H4895 as far as burn rate. Reloading supplies are in short supply right now and couldn't find H4895. I worked up 3 loads; 21,22, & 23 gr.
The range chosen worked well to get the information I wanted. 21 was a bit sluggish in ejecting, 22 seemed to work well, 23 was starting to show some bolt face marking on the primer.
I ended up with 22gr as the best for me.
Long story short, if I were you I would go with Hornady table, again try some test loads in a range of 21-23gr, see what you get. No way I'd go up to 27 before trying the book loads.

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