Use of Mod 81 in the rain?

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Use of Mod 81 in the rain?

Post by DudeFromTheWest »

So, with the Model 81, because it is a blued gun. What procedures should I take to protect both the metal and wood before/after use in the rain? If I decide to take it up to the PNW. Id like this gun to last for a long time. Do any users here have experience with this, in either very rainy or snowy parts of the country?
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Re: Use of Mod 81 in the rain?

Post by 81police »

Great question. Although I've never used my in adverse weather a great many of them were. I'd imagine you'd treat them like any other firearm in moist conditions; once you're done get it dry. Depending on the degree of exposure it may require a simple wiping down or disassembly of the rifle.

I'd love to hear from anyone else with experience...
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Re: Use of Mod 81 in the rain?

Post by Sarge756 »

Well....Not much snow where I am but we do get plenty of rain.Johnson`s Paste Wax is your friend. Apply liberally to metal and wood. For after the hunt there is another product that works to get rid of the moisture . WD40. The WD stands for Water Displacing. For that ,it is a great product but don`t use it on the innards of the action for lubrication. It wasn`t designed as a lubricant and will gum up the works.
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