New member -- have some questions

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New member -- have some questions

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Hi all. I'm the proud owner if the Model 8 originally purchased by my grand father in or around San Antonio, TX in the early 1930s. I've learned a lot about this kind of rifle over the years, but now that I'm tearing into it I find I have a lot more questions than before. I've been chatting with Cam about this rifle via emails, but it's time to join the forum and start bugging other people with questions.

Firstly, its age. My SN is 648xx, which I believe tells us it was made in 1930-ish, correct? However, the barrel stamp is:

Wouldn't this indicate that the barrel shroud at any rate was made in April, 1933, and that it had been to the factory for a repair? Couldn't find anything about what the XY might mean.

Another question is about the firing pin and the cam pins. You can see from the pic that my FP is broken. Came as a surprise to me last weekend when it would not fire my expensive .35 Remington ammunition! Some friends and I were out in our local desert and I wanted to show off this neat rifle. Big disappointment.

Anyway, so I ordered a Glend Arms FP from MidwayUSA. It should be arriving at my house in a few days. I'm curious to see how it fits. If their pic accurate it won't look exactly like mine, but I hope t works. On an impulse I ordered a FP spring from Numrich's. Seemed like a good idea to have, if it will work with this pin and my bolt assy.

That brings up the question of the pins. From what I've read on this board, All the cam pins are the same length. Assuming that they ride on or at least very close to the FP or spring, I'm wondering how this works out when that diameter of the pin and/or pin-spring combo can be larger than what my pin is.

San Diego, CA

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Re: New member -- have some questions

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Did your new firing pin fit? I just ordered one myself so I’m curious how it worked out

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Re: New member -- have some questions

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XY = Rifle manufactured in December, 1930

CB3 = Rifle returned for a factory repair in April, 1933
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