Recoil Pad Recommendation

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Recoil Pad Recommendation

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Good evening,

I am about to start refinishing the stock of my 1911 .30 rem. The serial number is 25467. As you can see from the photo, the buttstock appears to have been cut down. It had a dry-rotted Pachmayr recoil pad which I removed. Does Pachmayr still make a pad to fit this weapon?


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Re: Recoil Pad Recommendation

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Most recoil pads are oversized and are then sanded down to fit. Lyman markets the Pachmayr brand, but Midway or Brownell's will have a selection you can chose from.

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Re: Recoil Pad Recommendation

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If you are willing to settle for a slip-on pad, check out the MAS 36 ones. They come in two sizes ~1" and ~2" thick.

Here is a picture of the MAS 36 2" thick one:
Remington_Model8_14-sm.jpg (124.97 KiB) Viewed 1832 times

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