Cleaning Survey

Ask about your Model 8 & 81
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Cleaning Survey

Post by Wildgoose »

As most of us can attest in the past most of these rifles were not cleaned too thoroughly too often. :) I think this maybe was due to the perceived complexity of the guns or possibly that they came into being during the smokeless era when cleaning was not nearly as important as it had been. Not that it has been a big deal as most of them clean up pretty good and bore condition is not a real problem when looking at buying these days. I was just curious as to how often and how thoroughly most of those here on the list go with cleaning after shooting our ladies.
For me its a matter a complete taken down when first bought including the barrel assembly with a repair or replacement of any needed parts as best can be done. I have found a couple of broken firing pins and backwards installed magazine springs. Along with the magazine indicator spring not riding in its slot. Then reassemble with a good lubricant through out.
After that when ever having gone to the range its just a matter of pulling the barrel assembly off and cleaning the locking lug cutouts, chamber and bore. Wiping off the bolt face and general area with Q-tips with out removing the bolt carrier assembly from the receiver. Lube, assemble and put her back in the rack. About once a year or so depending on just how many rounds have been fired say 200+ I will pull the bolt carrier out and strip the bolt down for a good cleaning and call it good. I have only shot a couple of my rifles enough so far, or had any operational issues come, up so that I have completely pulled the receiver apart and done a total inspection and refit.
How about you all? Sound about right, too much, not enough? Can you tell its the dead of winter and I am really getting bored with finding stuff to do in the old gun room? :roll:

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Re: Cleaning Survey

Post by Phyrbird »

Dead of winter! I'm getting my short sleeves out again. We're running 50-60d most days :lol:
Your cleaning plan sounds pretty good, I would add some Browning gun oil wipe about every 6 mo, It helps fend off the dastardly rusties.

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Re: Cleaning Survey

Post by Mikeshoe72 »

That's pretty much my routine also. Every 8 & 81 I've brought home got the complete disassembly, and every one of them needed it! Cleaning out sometimes decades of dust and even internal rust, and hitting the bore with some Sweet' s 7.62 copper remover. I'm always amazed at how copper fouled they are. If you're not familiar with copper removers, the cleaning patches turn bright blue when they come into contact with copper fouling. Then after shooting, just a routine patch down the bore, wipe down, and wipe the insides as much as I can reach without disassembly. Maybe every couple years pull the bolt completely out for a better cleaning. I usually shoot a couple hundred rounds a year, check I've got 100 rounds already through my Model 8 in 32 Rem that I got last month! Mine are shooters, not safe queens.

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Re: Cleaning Survey

Post by Bandersnatch »

Yes, a complete tear down when first bought. As we've seen, the insides can look like they're full of old road tar that has to be scooped out with a spoon. Once taken apart, and thoroughly cleaned, i like to lube the barrel/recoil spring area with a light moly grease and the action parts with a light gun oil. After shooting I typically clean the bore, bolt face and locking surfaces. That seems to do it for a couple hundred rounds. I do take one down every now and then just to keep my hand in.
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