Havent heard of this any where

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Havent heard of this any where

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First of all,let me thank the ones responsible for this wonderful website, very informative and helpful. So about 16 years ago I came into the possession of 2 model 8s, or so i thought. I got these from a friend who has "too many guns" ,and had recently got them from a local gun show in Cali , where i used to live. One in 35 Rem and one in 300 Sav. So I finally decided to start keeping track of the dates of mfg of my stuff and found this website. Long story short my 35 has a date of 1915, but the 300 has a receiver of 1912 and a barrel with a 1949 date code. They both have the older style stock with a pistol grip with the rounded knob. And Ive been shooting them with no problems. Is this possibly a conversion from someone who had an undesirable caliber and changed it or had the factory change it? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Re: Havent heard of this any where

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Over the years I've seen a couple of Model 8s that had been converted to .300 Savage. Most had "3" codes on the barrels after 1936, which indicate a factory repair after the time .300 Savage became available in the Model 81. My assumption.... is that most of these .300 Savage Model 8 rifles were modified by the factory from other, standard, Model 8 calibers. That is not to say that ALL .300 Savage Model 8s were done by Remington.
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