Model 81 .32cal ya or na

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Rack shack
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Model 81 .32cal ya or na

Post by Rack shack »

I came across an early searial number model 81 in 32cal. Is this caliber rare to find. Is the gun itself rare. I know that the ammo is no longer made. I'm looking for some input on what you guys think
The gun is in poor condition but all their, the wood is beat up the blueing is gone ,missing the barrel jacket screw and the rear tang screw,the safety lever is bent and does not have the correct screw in it. It has been drilled and taped for a scope but no mount. Their asking 500

Texas by God
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Re: Model 81 .32cal ya or na

Post by Texas by God »

With those negatives at that price I would pass personally. A good complete shooter can be found at or slightly above that price. Good luck looking!

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Re: Model 81 .32cal ya or na

Post by 81police »

Based upon the condition listed, $500 sounds a bit overpriced (my opinion ONLY).

While you don't come across too many 81's in 32Rem, I wouldn't classify them as "rare" though. Downside to the 32Rem is that it's a 32Rem, and as you mentioned ammo is hard to come by. Most people paying for an 8/81 want to be able to shoot their gun occasionally. Just my thoughts.
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Re: Model 81 .32cal ya or na

Post by ranman »

This sounds more like a parts gun and the price does not reflect that . My two cents....

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Re: Model 81 .32cal ya or na

Post by jim18611865 »

FWIW I paid $600 for mine in the expensive northeast 2-3 years ago, and mine is pretty unmolested, except for a Williams tang sight.
Great bluing and wood.

It also came with 90 rounds of ammo, but I have since learned how to make it.

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Re: Model 81 .32cal ya or na

Post by MackLegacy »

It's interesting you say that, I found the best prices to generally be in the NE and more money in the south and south central due to rarity.

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