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Model 81 owner

Post by liberty »

I have a problem with my 81. I have tried to unscrew the takedown screw but it seems to be frozen even after a shot of penetrating oil. I do not want bend the takedown lever or break the pin.

I have done everything wrong with this gun. I bought a case of .35 Rem in early 2011 just to have it and then I decided to get a gun to shoot it up. Then I decided I want to reload for it and bought up powder and primers.

The sad part is I have never put a round through it and won't until we clear out of that place east of Iran.

Please advise about the screw


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Re: Model 81 owner

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I was a ZEP sales rep and I have had good luck with ZEP 45 and ZEP Twister on stuck screws.

I think Home Depot carries ZEP products.

You might could try applying heat with a soddering iron to the screw itself. It could have been locktited down.......we never know what idiot owned this thing before us. The heat might break it free and when it cools back down (and is no longer expanded) you might can get it going.

You might could try a cheater bar of some sort.

Surely someone else here has more experience but with the relative few number of members, replies are often a bit delayed.

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Re: Model 81 owner

Post by Fred »

Take some news paper and some heavy duty vice grips. Fold the news paper over a few times to make some sacrificial soft jaws for the vice grips. Wrap up the take down screw head so that you can lock the vice grips on and then give it a turn. You might try the heat and penetrating oil first. You might practice on the shank of a 5/8" bolt clamped in a vice to make sure you're not going to mar the finish on the take down screw. Be careful! The teeth on the vice grips will cut that paper when lots of force is applied.

If you do get it apart put some anti-sieze on it before you reassemble it.

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