Remington Model 8, 35 rem, need cast load help!

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Remington Model 8, 35 rem, need cast load help!

Post by johnski »

I just picked up a model 8. It's shooting under 1" @ 50yds with Sierra's 200gr RN on initial load workup of 35 to 37gr of IMR3031. I still have more tweaking to do on that, but the hard to come by jacketed bullets got me thinking about trying some cast.

I have a #358429 180gr Keith mold, and a Lee 358-158-RF, both plain base, & lubrisized to .359 with a version of Darr lube. Making a few dummy rounds with each, they both seem to feed fine from the mag (the rifling imprints slightly on the 358429, but that may/may not be a bad thing, dunno yet).

If i can get either of these to run in the model 8, I'd be really happy having a source of boolits for range practice this summer.

Has anyone tried this combo yet &/or can give me some start loads that will also reliably operate the action? For powders, I have on hand IMR & H4198, IMR3031, IMR 4759, & AA5744 that may be applicable.

I did some searching, but most of what I found was geared to the Marlin lever gun. I've read the RCBS 200gr mold is ideal, but I'd like to work with what I have for now.

I posted this over at Cast Boolits, but it seems i'm in new territory here; only one response there!

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Re: Remington Model 8, 35 rem, need cast load help!

Post by norm »

johnski, I have only loaded 200 gr. cast in my Model 8 35 Remington. In my experience you will need 1600 fps muzzle velocity for reliable functioning with 200 gr. bullets. Also my experience is that 1400 fps is about the limit for decent accuracy with plain base bullets and since the molds you mention are plain base I would expect serious leading trying to get reliable functioning. You could use the rifle as a straight pull with the lighter plain base bullets.

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