35 rem from 308 brass

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35 rem from 308 brass

Post by rotabox » Tue Oct 21, 2014 3:26 pm

May be of interest to people without an easy supply of 35 Rem brass (have posted on the vintage auto rifle forum as well, but might be helpful here too).

This is what I did to get rounds that would fit a fairly light use Model 8.

Small base size fired .308

Push 308 case up a 444 Marlin Lyman Full length die with a 1" long pusher, this was done in a heavy vice as it wouldn't do my RCBS press any favours. Push out of die with another pusher

That gives a .460" base

Size in 35 Rem FL die

put in lathe (I hold between centres as the friction seems to drive okay and its fast to do) turn off .002" per side.

Trim to length

Size through .35 Rem FL die without the button in place.

Ream neck internally with adjustable reamer set at .345"

Size again through 35 Rem FL die with the button in place this time

Swage primer pocket with RCBS LR primer tool.

I found that moving the shoulder down a 308 case resulted in a donut forming in the lower part of the neck due to the thicker wall, causing that area to bind once a projectile was loaded in place, as that pushed it out.

My primers were tight to seat after the 444 marlin treatment, the primer pocket swage uniformed that tightness.

Fairly fiddly, but doable if you are out of other options.


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Re: 35 rem from 308 brass

Post by srs » Thu Nov 06, 2014 1:43 pm

Very cool.

Here is some info I found also.


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