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Recently purchased a model 8 in .35rem. On the rear top centre of the butt stock there is a small compass imbedded. I have also heard of one other model 8 with a compass. Could it be that they were factory issued with the compass installed ?

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Re: compass

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Hey lbrooks, welcome to the forums :) This is a great question.

Remington did not supply Model 8's with compasses in the stock. This was a common practice in early - mid 20th century hence you see them occasionally.

Just think of it this way, keep your Model 8 handy and you'll never get lost ;)
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Re: compass

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Have seen those with small compass inletted in top of stock or larger compass inletted into side of stock. Useful when hunting in flat brushy areas and no outstanding landmarks for reference or orentation. Jerry

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Re: compass

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GPS wasn't around then? WHAT??? :lol:

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Re: compass

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Shades of Boy Scout topography maps and overnites under a pauncho. Yeah, I remember :)

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