factory installed recoil pads

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factory installed recoil pads

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Just wondering if factory installed recoil pads were ever available or upon request. If so how can you tell if it might have ben a Remington install or put on afterwards.

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Re: factory installed recoil pads

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In the past when a customer could special order features I think recoil pads were factory installed especially on shotguns, probably still can from manufacturers custom shop, I have Savage 727 (I think) A5 type shotguns with pads, beaver forearms, monte carlo stocks I think may have been special order. Older catalogs list various options available on special order. Hard to document and no info I know of for Savage shotguns. (Note: Try as I may in posts I cannot get responses about Savage A5s, guess there is no interest except me, like the old story about collecting defunct Chinese Rail Road Bonds as works of art, I am the market). Jerry

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