Are 30 Rem and 35 Rem Magazines Interchangeable?

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Are 30 Rem and 35 Rem Magazines Interchangeable?

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I am piecing together a 35 Rem Model 8. I have a 30 Rem magazine. Will this magazine function properly with 35 Rem or will I have to find one specifically from a 35? Thanks, Zak.

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Re: Are 30 Rem and 35 Rem Magazines Interchangeable?

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First thought would be to find a 35 magazine. A 30 or 32 would possibly work but only with a great deal of effort on your part to load the rounds into it. The rear lips of the magazine are configured for the smaller diameter case of the 30. You would not be able to push the rounds straight down into the magazine as the lips are too narrow. You could load the magazine by fiddling around and inserting the round at an angle in front of the lips, ,pressing down and sliding it under them. Can be done .I Gave it a try with a 32 and the magazine will accept the rounds this way and will feed them to the chamber. This is way too much effort to load a magazine. Maybe find a 35 and sell the 30 to cover it.
I know the question may occur as to opening up the lips to accept the larger round. It is a tricky process but if the magazine is a gimme what the heck.. I would suggest parallel pliers with smooth jaws to avoid burrs in the wrong place. Good luck.
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