Lyman 41 R sight??

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Lyman 41 R sight??

Post by Phyrbird » Wed Mar 06, 2013 5:28 pm

This sight requires drill and tap of the receiver. but the Mdl 8-81 is not flat sided. Is there a spacer under this sight base?
Could some of the owners post some pics of the mounting?
a link to Pics already on the site?

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Re: Lyman 41 R sight??

Post by Sarge756 » Thu Mar 07, 2013 8:32 am

Yes, There are pictures here. Go back to the home page and look in the gallery.Scroll down and find sights and scopes.There you will find an example of the 41 Lyman. The 41 was initially designed for the flat-sided receivers of the 1905,1907 and 1910 Winchester rifles (code 41SL) and Remington Model 8 and 81 Auto-loading rifle (code 41 AT). It was later adapted to the Winchester Model 1895 (code 41WR). The application code is stamped on the back flat of the base. If yours is a 41R and so stamped I could only hazard a guess that at some time Lyman changed the code to reflect this to be for Remington.Don`t have any documentation just a guess.
As to spacers or whatnot , the design of the base for each application provides a proper fit .

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